New Year, New Beginnings

It all sounds so cliche, but we all have to admit,  a New Year brings upon us new opportunities to start fresh and maybe this year, actually take our New Year’s Resolutions seriously.  How are yours going so far? Ours are…. going.

Some questions for you to start…

Did you make resolutions for 2015?
If you answered yes, how's it going so far?


We asked a few of our team members what their New Year’s Resolutions are and how they’re going so far…. Here’s what they had to say:

From our beautiful sales associate, Carol:  “No sweets and it’s not going well.”  (Carol brought in some red velvet cookies for a sick team member today…they were delicious.)

From our incredible owner and founder, Kathy Bigham, “I wish to create new “Possibilities” in my life and the lives of others.  I want to find a forever home for the 15 year old girl I am a guardian ad Litem for. We are in talks with her extended family and hoping to have a re-unification over time! Things are happening!” (Kathy volunteers through the organization Guardian Ad Litem, serving as a Guardian the past 6 years).

Our wonderful office manager, Dorri, explained, “I don’t do resolutions.  I strive to be better everyday.” (Everyone around her nods).

Sharing similar sentiments, our lovable sales associate Daniel agreed, “My resolution is to never make resolutions.” (He says with a chuckle.)

Our fabulous, VP of Business Development, Ursula, said “To better organize my paper work at home.  So far, so good.” (Her office desk… is a different ballgame, according to her office mate.  “Just kidding, Ursula!!” Her office mate giggles with a wink toward Ursula, who rolls her eyes in response.)

Regardless of whether you have New Year’s Resolutions and if they’re off to a strong start, a New Year introduces an opportunity for new possibilities as well as a chance to reflect on the passing year.  At Bigham, we made a lot of big, exciting changes in 2014– refreshing our store, adding new lines, launching a new site, and entering the social media sphere updating/ creating our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube Channel, Google+ and LinkedIn, all of which are totally #FollowWorthy 🙂  We’ve also become increasingly involved in the local community– volunteering our efforts toward causes such as Hope For Haiti, Freedom Memorial Foundation, Christ Child Society, Winter Wine Festival, Naples Buckeyes in Paradise and many, many more!  Overall, 2014 was a wonderful year and we are very much so looking forward to all that 2015 will bring.

2015:  A New Year, New Beginnings.  May this be your best year yet!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is here, and our thoughts turn to our blessings a little more than usual.

Each of us has received widely varying personal gifts. But all of us are united in appreciating the gifts of faith, country, family and friendship.

As a fine family jeweler, we feel doubly blessed that so many of you allow us to share in your life’s important celebrations.

We cherish the gift of your trust and promise, in return, that we will make every effort to earn in it all we say and do for you and for our community.

May we continue to share our lives’ blessings with you on this very special and uniquely American Holiday.

Finally… A Perfect Plan For #FancyFriday

Aha!  You’ve been searching for this title all day!  Yep, we have what you’ve been looking for…plans to kick off your weekend and make for a very fancy, #FancyFriday!RB81 RUBEL

Okay, we won’t hold out any longer… this Friday and Saturday we are doing an exclusive, in-store event showcasing the incredible designs of renowned Italian designer, Giuseppe Picchiotti.  His pieces are intricate and absolutely exquisite, quintessentially ‘fancy’ by all accounts.

Picchiotti began his trade at the age of 13, when he apprenticed as a goldsmith in a small studio surrounded by gifted jewelers in the tiny town of Valenza, Italy.  Today, Picchiotti has evolved his craft into a legendary family business, dividing his time between painstakingly overseeing the creative process of each piece and scouring the globe in search of rare stones befitting his elite brand and inspiring his signature pieces.  He creates his sophisticated collection entirely in-house, assuring excellence in the execution of each piece and absolute quality control.  Our Director of Fine Jewelry, Jacob Tuchman, explains, “The Picchiotti craftsmanship is in every way like a fine automobile or handmade virtuoso violin.  Traditional artistry in jewelry making is a fading craft, many forget or have never seen old-world craftsmanship like Picchiotti.”


Tuchman continues, “Like the jewelry of Harry Winston, Picchiotti designs exude a timeless elegance, making them beautiful 50 years ago, beautiful today, and beautiful 50 years from now.  Picchiotti pieces go beyond fashion, they transcend fickle trends.”

Simply put, there is no better way to immerse yourself in the essence of #FancyFriday, than by joining us for a 2-day in-store event featuring the spectacular collection of Giuseppe Picchiotti.  Come and experience the rare art form of true craftsman that is P8158_GREEN MOPicchiotti.


We look forward to seeing you this Friday and Saturday in the Bigham Galleria at 2425 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, Florida, from 10 AM- 5 PM—stop in for a few minutes to view Picchiotti’s exquisite pieces.

Fresh Beginnings

As the 100 degree dog days of summer wind down and a new fall season begins, complete with pumpkin-spiced lattes, suede booties, deep gem-toned wardrobes, and nights that may require a light jacket, we are thrilled to begin a new chapter at Bigham Jewelers amidst all of the seasonal changes!

Where to begin?! Since you’re on our site—we’ll start here! We have launched a brand new site with so many fabulous features. We first wanted to update the look and feel of the site, making it brighter, lighter, cleaner and more open—mirroring the changes we’re making in-house. We wanted to revamp our site to reflect the surge of excitement we’re experiencing in our business as we prepare to introduce a new season with new designers, fresh product lines, a renovated store interior, a whole new lineup of seasonal events, and the overall exuberance we feel in welcoming back our seasonal customers and greeting new ones! Now, there are some really, really cool features on our site that we hope you’ll have time to check out. Some of our favorites include the videos on the 4 C’s in our Engagement section, our online Bigham Magazine you can flip through, our ‘Have We Met Yet?’ TV commercials embedded directly on our site for easy viewing, our new Rolex Digital Corner and brand new product galleries that are designed to make online browsing for your favorite jewelry pieces easy and fun. Additionally, we are really looking forward to keeping up on this blog, sharing industry insights as well as little tidbits on our team, our community and what’s happening at Bigham—there’s always something!

As for our in-store experience, we’ve refreshed everything there too! Upon entering our store, you’ll note an overall lighter and brighter feel with a few extra hints of pattern and sparkle throughout. Some of our most notable changes can be seen in our private showroom and conference space. It’s incredible what introducing a few new colors, textures, and accent features can do to completely convert a space!

We are very happy about the facelift our entire company has experienced—both in-store and online! Stay tuned for more surprises! There’s always something happening at Bigham!

Why, hello… have we met yet? Because, if we haven’t, we need to, and if we have, let’s stay friends! #LifeOfBigham #BigByBigham